What is JavaScript?

JavaScript is one of the most powerful and important programming languages ​​today, due to three clear approaches: it is useful, practical, and it is available in any web browser.

JavaScript is created by Brendan Eich and saw the light in 1995 with the name of LiveScript, which was later named JavaScript, it was born as a simple language destined to add some interactive characteristics to web pages. However, nowadays, it has grown rapidly and is the programming language that is used in almost every website in the world.

The power of JavaScript is available mainly on the frontend side, adding more interactivity to the web, you can also use the libraries and frameworks such as jquery, angular, backbone, react and others, written on JavaScript, and that help you create a better experience user on our websites. In the same way, JavaScript can be used on web servers. Node.JS is your best option to use this language on the server-side.

  1. Let’s now know the JavaScript features that you make of this language, one of the most popular today.
  2. It is light.
  3. Multiplatform, since it can be used on Windows, Linux or Mac or in the browser of your choice.
  4. It is Imperative and structured; by means of a set of instructions, it tells the computer what task it must perform.
  5. Prototyping, because it uses prototypes instead of classes for the use of inheritance.
  6. Object and event-oriented.
  7. It is Interpreted, it is not compiled to run.

These are the characteristics that make javascript a language that allows you to develop giant and powerful applications, such as: google doc, facebook, twitter, and even capable of running on the server as a very fast webserver, thanks to nodejs.


They are containers in which the values ​​are stored. It is declared with the expression ‘var.’ Variables are assigned values ​​and can be of various types:

  • String: or text strings
  • Number: or numbers
  • Boolean: have values ​​of true or false
  • Array: stores multiple values ​​in a single reference
  • Object: a generic variable type that supports almost any value


Symbols that act on 2 values ​​or variables to produce different results. Some of the simplest operators are:

  • Sum or concatenation: add or join different strings +
  • Subtraction, multiplication or division: add, subtract or multiply – * /
  • Assignment operator: assign a value to a variable 0 =
  • Identity / Equality: checks if two values ​​are equal to each other and returns a Boolean value (true / false) ===
  • Denial (not equal)


It is normally represented by the if… else structure and allows you to check whether an expression returns ‘true’ or not and, depending on the response, it throws one result or another. In these types of expressions, it is the criterion, which is always associated with 2 blocks.

If the if criterion returns the answer ‘true’ in response, the first block is thrown, if the answer is ‘false,’ the second block that goes after ‘else’ is thrown.

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Smart Tech Home Features

Smart Tech Home Features
More people are starting to use smart technology in their home, including 45 percent of
renovating homeowners, according to a Houzz 2016 U.S. Smart Home Trends Study. But some
homeowners still balk at the concept Smart Film Thailand, citing privacy concerns or perceived laziness. The good
news is that technology is growing more accessible and affordable, and this trend is set to
continue for the foreseeable future. However, there are still a few major hurdles that
homeowners must overcome before fully embracing the smart home trend.

6 must have smart home features - AVITHA
For those who want a more advanced version of smart home technology, there are numerous
options available. You can buy pre-configured smart home automation systems, or you can even
install them yourself if you are handy with DIY projects ฟิ ล ม์ กรอง แสง บ้าน. There are smart automation solutions for
every budget, and some products can be installed by a single user, while others require a
professional installation. Choosing a smart technology home automation system will also depend
on your budget, as there are different packages available for different types of home.
The most common smart tech home features are those that improve energy efficiency. Smart
lighting and climate control systems can cut utility costs by as much as 12 percent. In fact, some
smart lighting systems can even provide added security by detecting when it gets dark. Heating
and cooling are also big utilities expenses, so integrating these devices into your home can be a
huge benefit. Some insurance companies will even lower your premium if you have smart
thermostats and leak detectors.

Smart Home App Development ─ Boosting the Quality of Life
In addition to saving money, smart technology can help you improve your home’s value by
enhancing its efficiency. Many home owners will also find it more convenient to use smart
technology to control their homes. This will help them save energy and make their daily life
easier. Smart technology is becoming the norm for homes and is an excellent investment in the
future. But be careful: not all smart home upgrades deliver a return on investment. Make sure
you choose in-demand technologies that have a higher potential for resale.
As a result of the benefits of smart technology, it is important to choose an option that will help
you live a happy, safe life. Investing in a smart home technology system can make your life
easier. Automating your home can reduce energy bills and create the perfect atmosphere. Smart
home technologies can even help you monitor your children, especially when you are not home.
This way, you can focus on enjoying the moment instead of worrying about what is going on.
With these innovations, you can make your home even smarter. Smart gadgets can talk to one
another and instantly connect with your smartphone. Nest, a company that became part of
Google, creates a number of smart home gadgets. The Nest camera is an excellent example of
this. It has a simple interface, a magnetic base, and a good image quality. Nest also makes
several other smart home gadgets, including smart cameras, security cameras, and thermostats.

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Which Skin Tightening Facial Device is Best For You?

Which Skin Tightening Facial Device is Best
For You?
If you’re tired of your saggy skin, it may be time to consider a skin tightening facial device. There
are several types to choose from skin tightening and lifting device, including Radiofrequency, Retinol, and Peptides. But which
device is best for your skin? Read on to learn more about the benefits of each. Whether you
want immediate results, or you’d like to delay the signs of aging, this device is a good choice. It
is FDA-cleared, painless, and easy to use. The TriPollar STOP Vx delivers professional-level
anti-aging results without the pain or hassle of a surgical procedure.

10 Best Radio Frequency Skin Tightening Machines Of 2022
RF is a form of radiofrequency energy that is used to treat skin imperfections. The RF heat
penetrates the deepest layers of skin, where it causes apoptosis of fat cells. This leads to the
reduction of fatty deposits beauty device, which are then excreted through the lymphatic system. RF energy
also heats tissues in the dermis, stimulating the fibroblasts to produce collagen and elastin
fibres. This process also increases cell metabolism.
Gua sha stone
A gua sha stone is a simple facial device with a lot of similarities to a facial roller. Typically made
from jade, rose quartz, or crystal, a gua sha stone works by stimulating blood flow to the facial
area. It stimulates collagen production to smooth fine lines and wrinkles. Plus, it can be a great
way to improve skin elasticity.
Retinoids are gold standard ingredients in skin tightening products. The most powerful retinol
helps build collagen and elastin for smoother, firmer skin. Unfortunately, retinol can be irritating
to the skin if it is used too frequently or in too strong of a concentration. To minimize skin
irritation, start with a low-concentration retinol serum and slowly work your way up.

Does Radio Frequency Skin Tightening Work? Benefits and Side Effects
The newest technology in skin tightening facial devices uses a peptide complex to reduce
wrinkles and facial folds. These compounds are absorbed deep into the skin’s surface and are
said to deliver anti-aging results. As we age, natural proteins in our skin degrade and slow down.
This can lead to a loss of firmness and elasticity. By using a peptide complex, these devices can
help you see the results you’ve been waiting for.
Orlaya Skin DermaDeep RF Pro
The DermaDeep RF Pro is the only at-home radio frequency device with salon-grade
technology. It uses RF technology to tighten skin by stimulating collagen and elastin production
while maintaining the natural structure of the skin. Its most effective treatment is performed in

conjunction with Orlaya Skin’s DermaDeep Serum, which is a perfect conductor of a Unipolar
radio frequency current. The device is currently available only in the UK.
Luma 4-in-1 Skin Therapy Wand
The Luma 4-in-1 skin tightening facial device promises to revitalize your skin with its advanced
technology. Its bipolar technology stimulates the production of new collagen fibers and destroys
fatty cells. It also helps reduce pores and improve blood circulation while increasing absorption
of nutrients. It is designed ergonomically to be portable and easy to use. With its many benefits,
it is the ideal skin care tool for any woman.

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Effective ways to use smart tech for home

The Benefits of a Smart Home System | PropSocial

At present, smart technology such as smart glass malaysia can give you complete control over your heating and cooling system, appliances, security system, and lighting system with the advances in wireless communication that can make your life comfortable and easy. Apart from giving the luxury of comfort and convenience, smart technology can also help to improve performance and energy efficiency. With the help of smart technology, you can easily access all your home appliances remotely from any part of the world. It allows you to easily turn on and operate your home systems, adjust their schedule, and monitor their performance without much hassle. 

If you want to make your home smart then it is beneficial for you to adopt several smart tech devices and gadgets that can make it easy for you to do lots of your home chores. Over time, smart and new technology makes your life very comfortable and convenient that you can live peacefully at your home without any issues. So, whether you are building a new home or you are renovating your existing home, it is beneficial for you to consider all the smart tech needs of your home for maximum energy and cost efficiency living. Here are some effective and useful ways that the smart tech for your home can make it safer as well as energy efficient:

Smart lighting 

Whenever you are adopting new and smart tech devices in your home then smart lights come in the first place. The smart lights are triggered by the sensors that allow them to automatically turn on and off and it can help to save your lots of money and effort. Nowadays, you can also use the timers built into the light switches that allow you to schedule porch lights, interior light, and security light to turn on at the pre-set time. Apart from this, you can also use the keypad remote to dim and brighten the lights according to your convenience.

The smart home security system 

With the help smart home alarm system, you can protect your home in an effective manner. The smart security systems stay connected with your home Wi-Fi network and allow you to monitor your home by using your smartphone anytime whenever you want. Apart from the windows and doors, the security system also contains motion sensors that can prevent your house from any forced entry. 

Smart landscape sprinkler system Smart Sprinkler Systems : The Future of Watering Has Arrived

The main advantage of smart landscape sprinklers is that it can reduce your water bill. With the help of the smart sprinkler, you do not have to worry about how often and when to water your landscape. The sprinkler system can track the dryness of the ground and the amount of rainfall, and know how much water different plants need in the various parts of your landscape and provide proper water to every part of the landscape that reduces all your worry and stress. 

So, there are much smarter tech home devices are available in the market that you can use to make your home smart and it allows you to live a comfortable and peaceful life without having any worry. 


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Get Some Important Parenting Tips

When a child is born, so is a parent. You have to hang up your dancing shoes for a while or say goodbye to those highlights that need 3 hours. When you are a parent, you have to take care of your health to inconvenience your child. When you are a parent, you have to sleep early and get up early to be prepared for your child’s day. Let’s discuss some important things about parenting and tips for being a better parent. There are also sites that discuss parenting tips and guides, including how to buy baby products like the best bottles for colic.



Roles of a parent

When you become a parent, you bring discipline and routine in your life, you organize your habits and alter your behavior. Similarly, it should be understood and acknowledged that a child also needs to be disciplined. Bringing discipline in kids is the duty of their parents but also their elders and their peers.

No child is born disciplined or undisciplined. Every child needs conditioning of a manner of doing things. A toddler can be cranky and uneasy but cannot be misbehaved as the child doesn’t know that particular emotion.

To invoke a sense of discipline and righteousness in a child, you must lay some rules and expect them to be followed. The rule does not have to be complex. A simple get up in the morning and with a ‘good morning’ to everyone is enough. It’s the reinforcement of the rule that is essential. Ensure the child is aware of the reward of following a rule and the consequences of breaking the same.


How does a child learn to hit?

It’s only when they see their parent hitting them or someone else. You should make sure you have the ideal behavior. Be a model of perfection so that the child can imbibe your good qualities.

Treat a toddler as a toddler, do not expect them to behave like adults, and be courteous. As long as the kid is smiling at you or a newcomer, she is polite. Similarly, pre-schoolers get messages more effectively and understand instructions. If your pre-scholar has been impolite, tell her it is hurtful and wrong and remind her that there will be consequences the next time.

Try to control misbehavior rather that promotes good behavior. A child learns good manners when she wants to be appreciated and liked, but she has to know how to refrain from misbehavior.

You must focus on the overall development of the baby. If they suffer from colic, get them the best baby bottles to reduce gas. As a parent, you must realize the talents of your child and allow him to polish them. Academics are an important part of student life, but this does not mean that parents pressure their children to excel. What matters is that the child must be focused and is sincere enough to work towards it. Apart from that, the parents must also realize the role of extra-curricular activities in developing the child’s personality.  


Always be consistent in enforcing the threatened consequences in case of bad behavior. Overlooking one misdemeanor will make the child mock your disciplining style and overlook your authority.


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Increase Your Business with Social Media

Increase Your Business with Social Media

In today’s world, when technology has such great influence on our lives, the use of internet is getting wider and wider and people cannot imagine their daily lives without it. Nowadays, everything is done through internet because of its extent and user-friendly services that it makes our work easier and better. And with such great influence one search pro marketing agency, we have social media which is also very famous these days and it has a very positive effect for a business to be started. It is very convenient and easy to expand our business through it.

There has been such an impact of social media on us that now business without it is unimaginable. Here one can promote themselves through videos or audios or through some pictures or many other different things. Its great influence has made marketers diverted to internet and social networking sites when they want to promote while before it was done through televisions, radios, newspapers, etc. And to know more about these services we will throw some light on social media consulting.

Difference Between Digital Marketing and Social MediaMore on Social Media

Social networking is a very vast business platform, where it is very easy yet difficult to increase one’s business. It can be done by smartly utilising the social networking source and creating more effective for the ones seeing it. And all this cannot be done very easy; to do this with everything going fine, one has to hire a social networking consultant who will guide their way through it.

A social media consultant onesearch pro is a very important in growing the business. They can provide many creative and very effective services which will help the business increase rapidly. Because they are people, who are experts in their field and are aware, as to how to run a business. They can prove to be very good as starting social marketing needs time and attention and also requires creativity and cleverness with some unique ideas which will not only help promote better but also increase marketing sales. A social networking consultant should always be there, whatever type of business it is, be it small scale or large scale. This is because starting it requires a smart mind who will help in getting one some profit.

Make Money Online What Digital Marketing is? - MarketingPromotion of your business:

In order to promote a good business, some points are to be taken notice of and such will be told here. So, the first thing is that social marketing is very essential for a business and a consultant can do it through famous social networking sites. They can message it to many of the users by taking care of all the unique and the useful keyword and sentences, then they can post it and get reviews from the viewers and then comment on it or answer their queries. So, it creates a very big platform to communicate increasing the marketing.

And to do all this sort of work, the best place is to be decided and if all is taken care of then your business will prosper through social media consulting.


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Essential things about the meeting venue 


EVENT PHOTOGRAPHY – TrisnoandcompanyNot all the meetings can be held in the indoor unit sometimes it needs to be conducted in an external venue. Whatever it may, it can be the meeting between management and the employee, meeting between the delicate and the organization, corporate conduct seminar to the various common people in a commonplace. For all those meetings you should pick the right meeting space which can be affordable too. First of all, you have to consider how many people attend your meeting or seminar then calculate the event space size for it. Rather than other things you have to know this first to arrange or looking for the best meeting venue. Before choosing the meeting venue you have to count the people who are all going to participate in the event. After that, you can able to make all the arrangements regarding it, know the size of the seminar room to conduct the event venue in malaysia wisely. The meeting space which you have picked has to be vast and affordable.

Strategy to pick the right one

Make all the arrangements for the seminar or the meeting when you have to choose the venue for the event. Arrange table and seating is perfect for the guest and attendees separately. Generally, for the seminar event, audio and video arrangement are the most important things. You have to ensure the availability of the acoustics according to the room size.  Because the voice should be more audible to all the people in the seminar or meeting room. It is the most vital thing to know the nature of your meeting because the different event has a different requirement. According to the type of meeting, you should make all the arrangements. Ensure that all things are available for the need of the attendees of the meeting or seminar. Inform the venue manager before all the things then only you will get it at the right time whenever required. Do all the arrangement for the seminar and venue which met within your budget.  Before making a decision go through the review and suggestion regarding the meeting venue which you have selected.

Vital things to arrange

From the review, you will get some clear cut knowledge about the meeting venue then proceed further. Meeting venue is the most important thing to conducts seminars or events with the clients to make the best business deal. So it should be more pleasant and beautiful to attract the client because the impression is also playing a vital role in corporate culture. To discuss and take an important decision this king of the meeting venue is much needed. Thus the team has to arrange it in a proper way to conduct the meeting in an effective and useful manner then only you will get success in the future project. If everything thing is arranged properly then it is the initial step for the success of the business and taking it to the next level. So be conscious of choosing the meeting venue according to the type of the meeting and make it a huge success.


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Understand The Background Of Ceme Online

How live casino has adapted to COVID-19 - CasinoBeats

The insobriety of gambling has now paved its way towards the future, despite having millions of sayings about the gambling world yet here they are.

Gambling means placing bets just like in poker, sports betting, etc. making the internet as the table to serve bets upon and their credit/debit cards or a specific from them to place bets.


The games available online

There are different types of games online that the govt. of a few nations doesn’t mind their people gambling upon such as Argentina, Chile, Mongolia, Bolivia, Australia, Austria, Germany, Finland, and   45 more and the gambling allowed are as follows (With market share):

  • Poker (18%)
  • Bingo (7%)
  • Lotteries (9%)
  • Sports Betting (38%)
  • Online Casinos (21%)
  • Horse Racing Betting (7%) 


How come online works

For instance, let’s take a country with no supremacy over ceme online. The world is currently in its way to become a potential goldmine for came online operators. A strong reason behind might be the current financial growth of the middle classes and the massive number of people who have no access to the Internet. 

According to the ceme online statics, more than 60% of the population now have access to computers and the Internet and visit gambling sites often 1bet2u login

Casino, Silver Muse | Silversea

The History of ceme online

Gambling sure has a lot of history but what changed its millennium was the Internet. Although ceme online comes with countless mishaps that could occur but again then why are you even on these sites you trust your luck.


The Roots of ceme online

The first ceme online site that went live in the mid-’90s providing people with hopes as well as some sense of dis-security with the ceme online but, as time went ceme online touched the sky in around the early ’20s. 

Microgaming, one of the biggest software companies of the mid-’90s helped revolutionize the history of ceme online. Microgaming started to become notable and now is considered to be the most trusted software providers for the internet gaming society and also has large shares from ceme online sites.


Concerns with ceme online:

  • Unfair, Illegal, or Irresponsible Business Practices
  •  Not paying players winnings
  • Unfair odds
  • Free play section with odds that favor the player
  • 1/3 players report having had a dispute with an online casino or poker site.
  • Unfair, Illegal, or Irresponsible Business practices
  • Hacking sites to pay win
  • Theft and Fraud at skill game site
  • ‘denial of service’ attacks (extortion)
  • Money laundering
  • Player collusion
  • Use of poker bots (designed to play against other human or other computer opponents)


Now, while some online may have countless merits and demerits. The future of ceme online may continue to have a strong growth of revenue (according to stats), has a strong growth in betting exchanges and skill games, growth of other forms of ceme online, increasing problems with ceme online with the incessant rise in gambling technology and the increase of the gambling industry, more gambling chances exist today than ever before. 


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Pros And Cons Of Web Applications

Web applications are tools that users can use by accessing a web server (thanks to the Internet or an intranet) through a browser, which will execute the task.

Web applications provide a very important added value to our ‘site’ and can help position us as a benchmark in the sector if they become viral.

Pros of web applications

  • They are a quick and cheap solution since the investment for their development is less and less time is needed.
  • There is no need to create different versions for different families of devices: a web application will be accessible to all users, whether they use iOS, Android, a tablet, or a PC.
  • The web environment continues to be better when it comes to attracting users since they are usually reluctant at first to occupy the memory of their devices by downloading a tool that they do not know if it will be useful to them. However, if they only have to follow a URL link, they will be more willing to give it a try.
  • It uses languages ​​well known to programmers, such as HTML and CSS.
  • There is no need for regular updates or user permission to implement changes. When any modification is made, Internet users will only have to open the website again to find a new version, dispensing with notifications and warnings.
  • Although they are slower, web applications are less likely to hang and suffer ‘bugs’ because they avoid technical problems that arise from incompatibilities or software conflicts with other applications and the security protocols of the devices.

Cons of web applications

  • As it is not a native app, they are not in the official ‘market’ of the predominant operating systems in mobile phones, such as the Apple Store or the Play Store. In this way, many users who look for an application in these stores will not find it.
  • Native apps must be downloaded, so once this step has been taken, they are more likely to be used again, fostering loyalty. However, the web world is more volatile, and the user may turn to any other application they come across on the internet the next time they need it.
  • Typically, the user needs greater connectivity in web applications than in mobile applications to use the tool.
  • Performance is limited by the response of the browser from which the application is running.
  • The user experience is worse, as it adapts less to the device used than a native app.
  • Offline functionalities are ruled out in web applications.

As web applications are hosted on a server, any device can access them, so they must adapt to all screen sizes, to different mobile devices, and to the different browsers that the user may use.

Due to their intrinsic characteristics, web applications have a series of advantages and disadvantages compared to mobile applications, which need to be downloaded to a device.

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