About Us

Tagneto (pronounced tag-NEET-o) is a web developer tool and JavaScript libraries to aid MVC development of XML user interfaces, with HTML web applications (DHTML, AJAX, RIA, Web 2.0, etc…) being the primary target. It is available under the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL).


Tagneto includes a “View Assembly” web developer tool written in Java (1.4+ supported). It does not require Java to run on a web server or to be installed on the end user’s computer. The Java tool is an HTML/XML parser that allows the web developer to assemble the HTML/XML source into the final set of pages that will be used as the web application. The source does not have to be valid HTML or XML, but the tags that Tagneto handles do have to be well-formed, as defined by one of the supported syntaxes. Similar technologies to the View Assembly tool would be Java Server Pages (JSP), Active Server Pages (ASP), or PHP.