Who Makes Tagneto

Tagneto is developed by James Burke. If you have questions about Tagneto, it is best if you post a message to the tagneto-users email list. If there is a matter that is not suitable for the list, please email me through SourceForge (requires login). However, you will have better luck emailing the email list discussion group. Due to the vagaries of spam and the requirements of my day job, the direct email address will not be very responsive.

I would enjoy having other contributors on the project. I am still trying to figure out how to best manage an open source project, so I might be slow in enabling other contributors or working out a process for other contributors. Any suggestions on how best to do it would be appreciated.

If you are a notable internet company that would like to employ me to work on things related to Tagneto, I am open to inquiries. Some things you should consider:
  • I work for a notable internet company at the moment, but not on things related to Tagneto (C++ work involving cross-platform, cross-browser plugins). I am a senior developer.
  • I am looking for work that ties into Tagneto. I do not have to work on Tagneto exclusively, but I would like permission to work on it for a fraction of my time. It would be ideal if for other fractions of my work time was spent building web applications that used Tagneto. I would be open to doing some desktop client work that used Mozilla code/products.
  • I have worked on a high-traffic J2EE web application before.
  • I live in Southern California. I would prefer to stay there, but I might consider other options depending on the opportunity.
If you are still interested, send me private email with a subject starting with Employment: in the title.

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