JavaScript Library Index

These libraries are tested with MSIE 6, Firefox 1.5 (Windows XP), Opera 8.51 (Windows XP), and Safari 2.0.1.

These libraries are also the newest piece of Tagneto, and therefore the least tested. Some of the libraries are still very much under development. There are some unit tests in the Tagneto source at tagnetio/src/test/jstest, but there are only a few tests right now.

These libraries are not required if you just want to use Tagneto's View Assembly tool (the only exception are some uses of the ctrl:listen tag that depend on functions defined in Ctrl.js). You are encouraged to consider other JavaScript libraries/frameworks.

Unfortunately, the documentation for these files is a bit sparse at the moment. There are comments in the files on how to use the different objects/methods, but that is it for now. JSDoc might be used, if the right configuration can be determined for the format of these files.

These files are delivered as part of Tagneto's build package, in the js directory. Please use the ones in that directory instead of the ones linked off of this page. These linked files are just for ease of reference.


Contains a convenience function for doing innerHTML updates, methods to help with event listening, and methods to construct URLs from a set of JavaScript object properties. The innerHTML method and event listening methods have unit tests, but the URL construction methods have not been tested very much yet.


Methods to support communication with the server via SCRIPT SRC tag. Has had some limited unit testing, and it is used on the Tagneto home page to show the recent blog entries. This library implements the Dynamic Script Request API.


Objects/methods to support communication with the server via XMLHTTPRequest. Has had some limited unit testing.


Methods to support communication with the server via an IFRAME/FRAME. Has had some limited unit testing.


Method for creating a "SimpleDom" JavaScript structure that is hopefully easier to deal with than manipulating an XML DOM via the normal DOM methods. However, this simplicity is gained by not supporting all the features of XML (in particular namespaces), and it is best used for doing read-only operations. Not very well documented, and still a work in progress. Has had some limited unit testing, and it is used on the Tagneto home page to show the recent blog entries.


An approach to manage complex UI flows in which flow segments can be chained together with specific entry and exit points. Flow.js helps manage the Model data that is needed for each flow segment and a method to communicate Model information across flow entry and exit points. Not tested at all yet, and not documented. Still under development.


Used to generate a single JS file that contains all or parts of the above libraries. Uses Tagneto's View Assembly tool to do the combination, exclusion and comment/whitespace stripping. See the JsLibraryTagneticConfig.xml file for how this is done. Uses the _OptionsOverlay.js file to set the flags to indicate what pieces of the libraries are included in the final file.
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