Interface SAXUnmarshallerHandler

All Known Implementing Classes:
SAXUnmarshallerHandlerImpl, ValidatingUnmarshaller

public interface SAXUnmarshallerHandler

Unified event handler that processes both the SAX events and error events.

This interface refines ContentHandler as follows:

  1. element names and attribute names must be String.intern()ed.
  2. namespace prefix and uris must be String.intern()ed.

Method Summary
 void handleEvent(ValidationEvent event, boolean canRecover)
          Reports an error to the user, and asks if s/he wants to recover.

Method Detail


public void handleEvent(ValidationEvent event,
                        boolean canRecover)
                 throws org.xml.sax.SAXException
Reports an error to the user, and asks if s/he wants to recover. If the canRecover flag is false, regardless of the client instruction, an exception will be thrown. Only if the flag is true and the user wants to recover from an error, the method returns normally. The thrown exception will be catched by the unmarshaller.


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