There are two types of overlays:
  • File Overlays
  • Tag Overlays
Prerequisites to use overlays:
  1. Download and and install Tagneto.
  2. Define a tagneticconfig configuration file. As part of the file, use the <elementsyntax> element to define what class will implement the Alternate Syntax.

File Overlays

File overlays allow injection of content at the beginning or end of a file. Use the <fileoverlays> and <fileoverlay> elements in the tagneticconfig configuration file to set these up.

File overlays are useful for declaring application-wide variables and set-up.

Tag Overlays

Tag overlays match a particular tag, and then either inject content:
  • Before the matching start tag
  • Just after the matching start tag
  • Just before the matching end tag
  • After the matching end tag

Document the scope implications on the ordering of overlays with other tags.
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