HTML Quickstart

Tagneto's View Assembly tool and built-in tags were built with special consideration to building HTML web applications from HTML fragments, and transforming XML into HTML. The View Assembly tool was designed to

Here are some quick hints on how to use the View Assembly tool as part of an HTML project. Be sure to check out the Examples in the Tagneto source too. These hints are to help enable the type of development that is mentioned in the Why document, but some of them can easily be used with JSP/ASP/PHP web applications too. The View Assembly tool was designed to integrate well with these types of projects, in that it should preserve the JSP/ASP/PHP tag syntaxes.

  1. Download and and install Tagneto.
  2. Define a tagneticconfig configuration file.


See the View tags documentation for the types of tags that can be used to construct the HTML view.


For handling the model data that will be combined with the HTML UI during runtime, in the user's browser:
  • Fetch user data through server data APIs. The server should return XML or JavaScript objects. Use Dsr.js, SvrReq.js or SvrFrame.js to fetch the data.
  • If fetching XML, use SDom.js to translate the XML DOM into a simpler type of DOM object.
  • Use Ctrl.js URL building methods to turn JavaScript objects/server method calls into GET request URLs, and/or use Dsr.js, SvrReq.js or SvrFrame.js to communicate with the server.


See the Ctrl tags documentation for tags that make it easy to bind event listeners to elements and construct JavaScript methods that output HTML. Ctrl.js has some helper event listener methods for binding Controller code to the View HTML.
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