How to use Tagneto

Here are some resources to help you learn how to use the View Assembly Tool and the JavaScript libraries.


Quickstarts for the View Assembly Tool:


Examples are in the source tree at the moment. There are hyperlinks below to copies of these examples, for ease of reference.
  • TagDoc: used to generate documentation on the built-in tags supported by Tagneto. Uses custom tags that use the org.tagnetic.core.tags.define.DefineInclude tag handler to transform the XML into HTML. For the codemarkup tag, multiple tag handlers are defined to chain together functionality.
    Source location: tagneto/src/config/tagdoc/TagDocConfig.xml
  • SchemaConfig: used to generate documentation of the XSD file. Loads the XSD as an XML datasource and uses Tagneto tags to generate HTML output.
    Source location: tagneticcore/src/xsd/tagdoc/SchemaConfig.xml
  • Unit tests: There are a few tagneticconfig XML files that test the View Assembly Tool. There are some unit tests for some of the JavaScript libraries too.
    Source location: tagneto/src/test
  • Tagneto Ant task: examples of the Tagneto Ant task can be found in the Ant build file for Tagneto.
    Source location: tagneto/build.xml
  • JavaScript library optimization: There is a tagneticconfig file that can be used to optimize the JavaScript libraries that come with Tagneto (strips comments/whitespace, concatenate all libraries into one file, selectively remove parts of the libraries).
    Source location: tagneto/src/js/JsLibraryTagneticConfig.xml
  • Website: The View Assembly Tool is used to generate the website. Uses overlays.
    Source location: website/WebsiteConfig.xml
  • Recent Blog Entries: SDom.js and Dsr.js are used to make a Dynamic Script Request that returns the ATOM feed for the Tagneto blog as a JavaScript string. You can copy the following files to use in your web page to fetch the Tagneto's feed as JavaScript:


  • Tags: the built-in tags that come with Tagneto.
    • view: Tags that help construct the View.
    • html: Tags that help manage some HTML tags.
    • ctrl: Tags that help build the Controller.
  • tagneticconfig: documents all of the allowed elements in a tagneticconfig file. Tagneticconfig files are the basic configuration files for Tagneto.
  • JavaScript libraries: Just the raw JavaScript libraries. Tried to use JSDoc to make pretty HTML documentation, but only did a quick try and it did not work. Probably need to tweak settings since the format of the libraries might not be considered standard.
  • Javadoc: for the Java classes that make up the View Assembly Tool. Unfortunately, it might not be too useful since there are no Javadoc comments in the code yet.
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